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Happy riders, happy horses

Read testimonials from Seven Hills Training clients, and learn how our approach creates balanced, joyful partnerships between riders and horses. 

From stressball to calm gentleman

There are not enough good words to say about Kyra and her program! I brought my big OTTB to Kyra three years ago. He and I got off to an inconsistent start and had a difficult time finding the right trainer (and the time to commit to him because, life). He was a giant stress ball from the time you put him in the crossties until he was done with his work and back out. I decided to give him some time off to be in the field while Kyra went through her pregnancy and when she returned to training she restarted my guy from the ground up. Kyra’s approach to horsemanship and training is unmatched by anyone around.


I left for military service just about two years ago and returned to a completely unrecognizable horse! Kyra's ground-up approach made all the difference, and I now have a horse who's not only calm and levelheaded but also eager to work. He minds his manners, stands politely in the crossties (because he’s usually asleep), and is relaxed and happy to work day in and day out. He is a complete gentleman. Kyra, herself, is an absolute pleasure to work with and fosters a drama-free environment which is very much appreciated! If you are looking for someone to help you start or restart your horse or refine your own training, Kyra is the trainer for you! 

Michelle S. & Banker

Overcoming stiffness and anxiety in the saddle

I'm a 47-year-old returning rider with a history of anxiety. I've been riding on and off since I was 13, initially starting with dressage and then transitioning to primarily riding hunters with a passion for cross-country jumping. Despite owning horses on and off for about 5 years, I often found myself with the wrong horse, leading to falls and a loss of confidence. Unsure if I was the problem, I still sought stress relief, "me time," and the joy of riding amid external stressors in my life. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an ad for a lease horse with 1 included lesson per week, and Kyra was the trainer. 

Nervous but hopeful, I scheduled a trial lesson with Kyra, who warmly welcomed me and discussed the horse's background and their goals. We also delved into my riding history, and goals, particularly focusing on relaxation in the saddle. Thankfully, my worries didn't materialize. Kyra provided unwavering support, especially during moments when work fatigue clouded my mind. I found solace in the forgiving Thoroughbred I rode, who allowed me to focus solely on my seat—a skill I aimed to reclaim after years of falls eroded my confidence.

Initially concerned about becoming bored with dressage basics, I soon realized that each lesson offered something new to learn. Kyra's personalized attention and knack for gauging when to push and when to pause made every session valuable. Lunge line lessons improved my position, and even a trip to Canada to try a horse (which didn't pan out) became an exciting adventure.

Despite discussions about purchasing my next horse, Kyra never pressured me, fostering an environment of trust. She helped me find a comfortable dressage saddle and patiently worked with me to overcome stiffness and anxiety in the saddle. 

After several months of lessons, I now ride with ease and look forward to attending clinics and setting new goals. Oh, and did I mention the facility boasts indoor bathrooms and free-roaming cats? It's truly become a sanctuary for my riding journey.

Joanna T.

Building confidence and connection

I began taking lessons from Kyra this summer and have nothing but good things to say about her and her skills. My horse is a rescue and I wanted someone who could take time to understand him and help me connect with him better. Kyra has been patient and kind with both of us! In the last several months we have come a long way and that is mostly due to her assistance. I have never met a trainer like her.


A few weeks ago we also asked for help with another horse we had who has arena anxiety and under her training he is almost a completely different horse. I highly recommend Kyra and Seven Hills Training for all your training needs!


Sydney N. & Dallas

From chaos to confidence

I rescued a horse roughly 6 years ago now. I knew before adopting him he was a very anxious sensitive horse, so I found myself settling on just doing trails (his area of confidence oddly enough) and randomly walking in the arenas at my facility because I owned another horse I could focus on arena riding with. Unfortunately, after she passed at a young age due to colic, I found myself wanting to find a way around my gelding’s anxiety so I could not only do more with him at home in our arenas, but also just make him an overall healthier muscled horse. Kyra was the first trainer I found, and it couldn’t have been a better fit. 


Our first session was pure chaos. I had just started riding him in a bit again because our steering and stop was nonexistent (bits gave him extra anxiety), and as soon as we walked into the arena with her, he decided to flip over backwards. I thought to myself welp now she’s going to think I’m a lunatic for saying I trust being on his back and never going to see us again, or she’s going to make me do groundwork for months. But thankfully she didn’t get scared, and it’s now been about 4 months and my horse is way more relaxed and building muscles in all the right areas. We can ride on the rail of the arena in straight lines (this is big for us!) and we are even playing with the idea of showing in the future. Kyra is now helping with my other horses as well and I can’t say enough good things about her and the progress I’ve made with each horse I have. 


Heather C. & Kivati

A transformative approach to riding and horsemanship

I cannot speak highly enough of Kyra Fraser and the incredible classical dressage training she provides at Seven Hills Training. From the moment I began working with Kyra, I knew I was in the hands of an exceptional trainer.

One of Kyra's greatest strengths is her ability to communicate effectively. She not only has a deep understanding of classical dressage principles but also possesses the rare gift of being able to convey these concepts in a way that is clear and accessible to her students. Her coaching style is both supportive and constructive, creating an environment where learning flourishes. Beyond her skills as a communicator, Kyra is a true master of horsemanship. She approaches each horse with the utmost care and consideration, always prioritizing their welfare above all else. When my own horse was struggling with lameness issues and behavioral challenges, Kyra's expertise and dedication were nothing short of remarkable. My horse had been labeled as "rein lame" and had exhibited explosive behavior, even flipping over backwards in sidereins. Kyra's transformative approach to riding and horsemanship worked wonders. Through her guidance, my horse not only became sound but also blossomed into a trusting and reliable partner.

With Kyra's support, my horse's confidence soared, and she became a joy to ride. I went from being fearful of her to confidently enjoying our rides together, even trusting her with my mother on trail rides. When we faced the possibility of hock injections or early retirement for her comfort, Kyra never gave up hope. Thanks to her expertise, my horse not only avoided invasive procedures but also returned to her career stronger than ever.

Kyra's impact extended far beyond the arena. She not only helped me develop as a rider but also fostered a deep bond of trust and understanding between me and my horse. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to cherish every moment with my beloved equine companion until she peacefully passed away at the age of 25.

Kyra Fraser is not just a classical dressage trainer; she is a true equestrian. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her compassionate approach to horsemanship, sets her apart. I am forever grateful for the positive impact she has had on both me and my horse.

Monica P. & Envy

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