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Find your balance

At Seven Hills Training, we use the principles of classical dressage, biomechanics, behavioral science and horsemanship to produce versatile, willing, and balanced horses and riders.

Booking now for Spring and Summer 2024

We have lesson and training spots available on a limited basis at Pegasus Woods Creek in Monroe. 

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Redefining harmony between horse and rider

At Seven Hills Training in Monroe, WA, we're all about making the connection between you and your horse stronger, healthier, and happier. We use a multi-disciplinary approach that blends classical dressage, biomechanics, behavioral sciences, and horsemanship, to help horse and rider form a partnership built on trust, communication, and cooperation. 


Customized programs to meet the needs of each horse and rider. Full-care boarding with exceptional care and facilities for student horses, including trailer storage. Limited partial training and care packages are also available.


Private instruction focusing on biomechanics, communication, and partnership out of Pegasus Woods Creek Training Center in Monroe, WA. Haul-in lessons for those who prefer to bring their horses to us.

Workshops & Clinics

Private clinics, workshops and events focusing on biomechanics, horse development and other specialized topics. We also partner with other leading clinicians and equine professionals to develop custom events.

Pegasus Woods Creek

This beautiful 47-acre facility offers stabling in large, matted stalls, rubber paved aisleways, a 60 x 120 covered arena, 4-rail fenced pastures, use of eurocizer, roundpen and 5/8-mile track, and heated bathroom and client laundry facilities.
Entry at Pegasus Woods Creek Training Center in Monroe, WA, facility of Seven Hills Training and Kyra Fraser, dressage trainer near me


  • 47-acre facility with gated entrance

  • Large, matted stalls

  • Automatic fly spray system

  • Rubber paved aisleways

  • 60 x 120 covered arena

  • Eurocizer and covered round pen

  • 4-rail fenced pastures

  • 5/8-mile track

  • Theraplate

  • Onsite laundry and heated restrooms

  • Client tack room

  • Hot/cold water wash rack for easy clean-up

  • Trailer parking (additional fee)

  • Facility manager onsite

Kyra Fraser

Trainer & Instructor, Seven Hills Training

I approach the training of horse and rider from multiple perspectives: physical, mental, emotional. Combining the principles of classical dressage, biomechanics, behavioral science, and horsemanship, I use proven strategies and tools to help both riders and horses use their bodies correctly, communicate effectively and deepen their partnership. My goal is to improve the connection between horse and rider, creating an environment where both can thrive and reach their full potential.

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Kyra Fraser dressage trainer and instructor Seven Hills Training Monroe WA

What our happy clients say

dressage bridles hanging on the wall of a tack room at Seven Hills Training Monroe WA

Kyra's ground-up approach made all the difference, and I now have a horse who's not only calm and levelheaded but also eager to work.

Michelle S. & Banker

“I soon realized that each lesson offered something new to learn. Kyra's personalized attention and knack for gauging when to push and when to pause made every session valuable.”

Joanna T.

Neck of dressage mare at Pegasus Woods Creek Monroe WA
“I began taking lessons from Kyra this summer and have nothing but good things to say about her and her skills. I have never met a trainer like her.”

Sydney N. & Dallas


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